Hidden menu itemΒΆ

Hidden menu item is not visible in your front-end. It is used to provide friendly URL to specific pages in CM Live Deal. At the present time there are 2 types of pages requiring hidden menu item:

  • Coupon download page requires “Coupon download” menu item
  • Merchant detail page requires “Merchant” menu item

If your “Coupon download” page is


then the URL to download a coupon looks like


Similar to that, for merchant detail page you can have this structure of URL


with “merchants” is the alias of “Merchant” menu item, “merchant-username” is the username of the merchant.

To create hidden menu items for these pages, you create a new menu, name it whatever you like, for example “Hidden menu”. Create new menu items for “Coupon download” page and “Merchant” page in this new menu, as long as you don’t assign this new menu to a menu module and display the module in your front-end, “Coupon download” menu item and “Merchant” menu item are not displayed in your front-end.